Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Year of Breastfeeding

In preparing for the arrival of our new family addition, I started analyzing my wife's log of breastfeeding sessions from our first baby. She logged every feeding for a year using the Total Baby app on her phone (and I'm so grateful that she nursed her for a whole year!!!). The app can export all the information to a file that I imported into Tableau and immediately started looking at some trends. 

It is clear how the frequency and duration starts decreasing and things start "stabilizing" by around 12 weeks or 3 months. Frequency goes from 10 times a day to between 5 and 6 and nights are looking a little more promising with more than 6 hours of sleep :)

After 20 weeks she started sleeping through the night (at least 10 hours) having 95% or more of the feedings during the day (which we defined from 7AM to 9PM)

I hope this is useful for other parents who are thinking about breastfeeding and its being already a good tool for us to recall this process and be prepared for the baby boy that is coming any moment!

We would love to see others people info to create a better analysis including several babies. If you also used this app or a similar one, please send me your info, Thanks!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Glassdoor's Best Place to Work - 5 years rankings visualized

Last week Glassdoor announced the results of its 6th annual Employee’s Choice Award ranking the top 50 US companies to work for based on actual employee’s reviews during the last year. The ranking is determined by the average “stars” given by employees who reviewed their “satisfaction” using the site.

As Slalom has been in the Top 50 for the past 5 years, I thought it was interesting to visualize the results and see how each company has ranked in this period. There is only 10 companies that had been on the Top 50 every year and more interesting for me was that some of the Top 10 companies in the previous years were not even in the Top 50 this year. It is not the same to be good, than being consistently good.

Below is the Viz, select a company to highlight it and see how they have done in the last 5 annual rankings: